Tiny Home Living

Why Build an ADU?

ADU Regulations in California

With the passage of Senate Bill 1069, that went into effect January 1, 2017, California just opened the doors for more people to build Accessory Dwelling Units aka Tiny Homes aka granny flats on their property. The law was prompted by escalating housing prices and a need for more affordable housing units. Although building secondary units on property for elderly parents coined the term “tiny homes,” real estate agents and lawmakers say rent is so high that just about everyone is trying to get in one nowadays. “It’s a modest step,” said Steve Russell, executive director of the San Diego Housing Federation. “Anything that contributes to housing supply is part of the solution . . . it’s a big drop in the bucket but it’s still just a drop in the bucket.” Bill Cavanaugh, USModular Inc said “Building an Accessory Dwelling Unit is a cost effective way to add square footage for family members or for a rental unit to offset the rising cost of homes in California. Our typical client builds an 850 sq. ft accessory dwelling unit which will have a kitchen, living room , up to 2 bedrooms and baths which is manageable and affordable for most home owners.”

Expand Your Current Living Space!

An ADU is a cost-effective way to expand your current living space. Since utility costs are reduced you will save big on heating, cooling, and electric bills with Tiny Homes, Granny Flats, and Accessory Units!

Save Time and Save Money We can build your new tiny home in a fraction of the time! You have the opportunity to have a Multi-Generational home – but still maintain privacy. Families needs change frequently. Keep your loved ones close and safe with an ADU!

Why Choose Pre-Fabricated Construction?

San Diego Accessory Dwelling Units is a division of US Modular Home Builders. Our ADU’s are built with modern off-site PREFABRICATED construction; a green building style that has less impact on the environment and the neighborhood. Our homes are built to Federal or Local Building Code. We have many plans that are designed specifically as Tiny Homes / Granny Flats / Accessory Units and they are ideal for the up-and-coming tiny and small home market. Our staff of experienced designers and engineers are available to help you create a green, cost effective, beautiful ADU. Our entire team at USModular is dedicated to our client’s complete satisfaction. We incorporate each client into the building process through our proactive person-to-person approach. We build faster, better, greener and for less!

A Few Benefits of ADU Living in San Diego

Extend Living Space
Reduced Time to Build
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Energy Savings
Rental Income

Yes! I’m ready to see how modular home building can make building my dream home as fun and exciting as I dreamed it should be!

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